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Keeper40 simplifies the way goalie coaches collect game data. The intuitive shot tracking system makes it easy for anybody to capture live game data and to produce instant analytics on the fly. Produce basic reports like game or season summaries. Drill down to look at shot and goal locations, save percentages in different zones, threat levels, puck touches, rebound control and much more.

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Focus on the Game

We’ve made it incredibly easy to capture game data and keep your eyes on the game. All game events are captured with a minimum of effort. Often just 1 or two touches. Except notes of course. If you want to make a note either wait for the whistle or use the voice dictation feature. Yeah, it works.


Live Filters

You don’t have to wait until after the game for reports. Keeper40’s live filters allow you to pause recording data at any time and review events while applying filters to focus on the data of interest. Between periods, on the bench, or in the dressing room, anywhere, anytime.


Performance Analytics

Our real-time reporting feature allows you to easily drill down into the data to provide powerful analytics about your goaltending. Get reports as simple as a game summary and a season summary. You can also get detailed information on goal locations to shot locations to save percentages in different zones, for each threat level, and rebound control. Track puck touches, PK data and more. Keep all of your notes and data at your fingertips and allow Keeper40 to support and enhance your efforts at being the best coach you can be.


No Network? No Problem

It’s that simple really. We’ve lived with the pain just like you have. You’ve got the latest technology in your hand but it’s useless because the arena wifi is hopeless and the mobile network is MIA. The technology we’ve use doesn’t come to a standstill when you only have 1 bar and no wifi. If you’ve setup Keeper40 before “sitting in your office” it’ll work. You’ll capture your data and you’ll be able to produce your reports.

No network no problem.

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