Keeper40 Lite

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Keeper40 Lite simplifies the way you collect game data. It’s intuitive shot tracking system makes it easy to capture game data and produce instant analytics on the fly. Easily produce reports on your goalies game or season  performance.

We’ve made it incredibly easy to capture game data and keep your eyes on the game. All game events are captured with a minimum of effort. Often just 1 or two touches. Except notes of course. If you want to make a note either wait for the whistle or use the voice dictation feature. Yeah, it works.



Available for Android and Apple Tablets!


Keeper40 Lite has been optimized for use on Android and Apple tablets. We firmly believe that a larger screen size is a critical element of a premium user experience in a high paced sports environment regardless of the level of play. We want your eyes on the game, not hunting for small buttons or trying to fix data entry errors.

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